Crossing Tank Set (1.0-liter) Clear Polycarbonate

Crossing Tank Set (1.0-liter) Clear Polycarbonate

$ 18.00

The AQUANEERING Zebrafish Crossing Tank is designed to facilitate zebrafish breeding. The crossing tank includes four main components:

  • Outer Tank
  • Inner Tank
  • Divider
  • Lid

All crossing tank components are constructed of transparent polycarbonate.

When you are ready to spawn your zebrafish, place the zebrafish in the inner tank when the lights turn off, using the divider to keep the genders separate. When the lights turn on, remove the divider to allow the females’ eggs to be fertilized. When the females lay their eggs, the eggs will fall down through the small openings of the inner tank into the bottom section of the outer tank, where they cannot be eaten by the zebrafish.

Dimensions: 8.8125" x 4.375" x 3.3125" tall

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Part Number

  • Crossing Tank Set (1.0-liter) Clear Polycarbonate - ZHCT100

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